Exact-Scenario is our Recruitment division that searches for and recruits talented, promising and aspiring individuals to successfully cross the threshold into the entertainment industry, whether as actors, musicians, emcees, news anchors, etc.

This includes the management function of planning, organizing and allocating various types of work to be suitable for the personality and talent of each performing artist and ultimately support the production of all forms of media content of The One Enterprise Public Company Limited and various partners in the entertainment industry to contribute to a comprehensive diversity of works.

In addition, the Exact-Scenario Development team helps artists and actors to continually improve their potential by encouraging each of the more than 200 personalities under Exact-Scenario management to increase their skills in all areas so they can be ready to meet the challenges of all types of creative work and satisfy their target audiences, whether that is viewers or agency customers, both within the country and potentially extended to the international level in the future. In addition, we develop plans to promote artists and actors under our management to be accepted by wider audiences of all ages and genders in all forms of content.